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Strategies I usually use for teaching and enhancing writing skills in my classes

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As we knows as English teacher always we have to create differents strategies to promote comunication in our classroom. For that reason to develop writting skills I try to change the methodologies and the strategies for each English class.  In my English class I use some activities as
 (students have to listen for example the name of the insect and later they have to writte down)
🔺unscramble sentences
🔺 students have to spell the word, then they have to write the word on the board
🔺 Someone spell the number and the other one  have to write the number on the board.
🔺word banks
🔺 flashcards with the vocabulary
🔺 Pre-writting activities.
🔺Games like teacher say any word , them three students go to board and one of them have to finish first of all. 
Those activities are created in order to improve writting skills of the students. 


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